Stephanie Gillespie


Stephanie Gillespie is the Associate Dean for the Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven. She received her PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Tech. During her time as a Lecturer, she specialized in teaching first year engineering and service-learning courses, especially considering the integration of makerspaces and entrepreneurship in the engineering curriculum. As a SWE member of over 10 years, she has served multiple leadership roles in collegiate sections (UMiami SWE President), professional sections (SWE-Phoenix Treasurer and Vice President), and at Society-level committees (Finance Committee Chair, Program Development Grants Committee Chair, and Women in Academia Chair). She enjoys sharing the value of SWE with both current members and those that she meets professionally, and is often found volunteering at STEM events in the local community. In her free time she enjoys training for triathlons and completing DIY projects around her condo.